REST API (Restful Objects Viewer)

Apache Causeway' Restful Objects viewer is an implementation of the Restful Objects spec, which defines a generic way to expose a domain model through a REST (or more precisely, hypermedia) API. Having a REST API opens up an Apache Causeway domain model to a huge variety of applications, from bespoke single-page apps, through integration scenarios, through providing an API for bulk-upload/migration from an existing system.

The Restful Objects viewer also provides a number of extensions specific to Apache Causeway. Most significant of these is enhanced content negotiation support, making it easier to use the returned representations within bespoke clients using standard third-party configurations.

This component guide discuss features, configuration and also how to extend the Restful Objects viewer.

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As well as this viewer, Apache Causeway also provides the GraphQL Viewer, which performs the same function, but using GraphQL instead of REST.