Weekly Builds

weekly builds are currently disabled.

A weekly build of the framework is performed in the main apache/causeway repo, and are available as packages of this repo.

These weekly builds should not be used in production.

Weekly builds are interim builds that are untested and unsupported.

These unreleased builds may have undocumented features, known and unknown defects, and any number of other issues.

They are intended for use by developers and others wishing to help with the development of the framework.

Authentication Access

To use the weekly builds, you need authenticated access using your github credentials.

One way to do this is to add the following to your ~/.m2/settings.xml file.

      <username>myusername</username>                               (1)
      <password>ghp_TOKEN_WITH_PACKAGE_REPO_READ_ACCESS</password>  (2)
1 your github username.
2 a corresponding personal token to provide access, as per these docs.

You can find the latest version by browsing the org.apache.causeway.core.causeway-applib package.