Swagger Exporter

The SwaggerService serializes the domain’s meta model as a Swagger 2.0 specification, either as JSON or YAML. The SwaggerExporter in turn is a utility class that simply writes this serialization out to a file from within an integration test. The idea is that subsequent jobs in the build process could then pick up this file, typically to code-generation REST clients in other languages.

The example below is taken from the simpleapp starter app:

    classes = {
        ApplicationIntegTestAbstract.AppManifest.class,             (1)
        CausewayModuleViewerRestfulObjectsJaxrsResteasy4.class          (2)
class SwaggerExport_IntegTest extends ApplicationIntegTestAbstract {

    @Inject ServiceRegistry serviceRegistry;

    void export() throws IOException {
        val swaggerExporter = new SwaggerExporter(serviceRegistry); (3)
                            SwaggerService.Visibility.PRIVATE,      (4)
                            SwaggerService.Format.JSON);            (4)
1 bootstrap using the usual AppManifest for integration tests …​
2 ... and also include the Restful Objects viewer because this contains the implementation of SwaggerService.
3 instantiate the SwaggerExporter utility class
4 Export specifies the required visibility and format.

By default the file will be written to target/generated-resources/swagger-export. Overloads of the export(…​) method allow this to be changed as required.