Audit Trail

The Audit Trail module provides an implementation of the EntityPropertyChangeSubscriber, which provides a fine-grained persistent audit trail: each and every change to a entity property is persisted as an individual AuditTrailEntry instance.

The interaction id identifies all the changes made within a single interaction.


Once configured, the extension provides a number of menu actions. You can use menubars.layout.xml to arrange these as you see fit. To get you started, the following fragment adds all of the actions to an "Activity" secondary menu:

            <mb3:named>Audit Trail</mb3:named>
            <mb3:serviceAction id="findMostRecent" objectType="causeway.ext.auditTrail.AuditTrailMenu"/>
            <mb3:serviceAction id="findAuditEntries" objectType="causeway.ext.auditTrail.AuditTrailMenu"/>
            <mb3:serviceAction id="findAll" objectType="causeway.ext.auditTrail.AuditTrailMenu"/>