This is primarily a security release to fix CVE-2022-42466, fixed by ISIS-3240.

New Feature

  • ISIS-2381 - [Validation] Metamodel exception if @PropertyLayout(navigable=…​) with a value type

  • ISIS-3232 - [Validation] Fail early, if viewmodels have no recreation strategy.


  • ISIS-3247 - [Metamodel] Change Precedence Order of Viewmodel Serialization Strategies

  • ISIS-3242 - Remove pdf.js v1 legacy

  • ISIS-3237 - [Wicket Viewer] Migrate from CGLIB to ByteBuddy

Security Fixes

  • ISIS-3240 - CVE-2022-42466 [Wicket Viewer] Some components (for value-types) need escaped rendering.


  • ISIS-3246 - [Regression] Shiro Filter throws NPE on init since Shiro v1.10.0

  • ISIS-3226 - Viewmodel recreation no longer works as previously (with fallback strategy)


  • ISIS-3249 - Add instruction to log in/create a new account in Jira for contributing

  • ISIS-3243 - Fixing some typos and formatting issues in documentations

  • ISIS-3241 - Fix broken link in CONTRIBUTING.adoc