Returns random instance of a provided collection, with overloads allowing instances to be excluded according to a Predicate .

class Collections {
  Collections(FakeDataService fakeDataService)
  E anyEnum(Class<E> enumType)
  E anyEnumExcept(Class<E> enumType, Predicate<E> except)
  T anyBounded(Class<T> cls)
  T anyBoundedExcept(Class<T> cls, Predicate<T> except)
  T anyOf(List<T> list)
  T anyOf(Collection<T> collection)
  T anyOfExcept(List<T> list, Predicate<T> except)
  T anyOfExcept(Collection<T> collection, Predicate<T> except)
  char anyOf(char... elements)
  char anyOfExcept(char[] elements, Predicate<Character> except)
  byte anyOf(byte... elements)
  byte anyOfExcept(byte[] elements, Predicate<Byte> except)
  short anyOf(short... elements)
  short anyOfExcept(short[] elements, Predicate<Short> except)
  int anyOf(int... elements)
  int anyOfExcept(int[] elements, Predicate<Integer> except)
  long anyOf(long... elements)
  long anyOfExcept(long[] elements, Predicate<Long> except)
  float anyOf(float... elements)
  float anyOfExcept(float[] elements, Predicate<Float> except)
  double anyOf(double... elements)
  double anyOfExcept(double[] elements, Predicate<Double> except)
  boolean anyOf(boolean... elements)
  boolean anyOfExcept(boolean[] elements, Predicate<Boolean> except)
  T anyOf(T... elements)
  T anyOfExcept(T[] elements, Predicate<T> except)
  E find(Callable<E> block, Predicate<E> except)