Core Persistence Schema

Configuration that applies to database persistence schema (used by JPA and JDO datastores).

Property Default Description


Does lookup additional "mapping-files" in META-INF/orm-name.xml (equivalent to "mapping-file" entries in persistence.xml) and adds these to those that are already configured the Spring Data way (if any). NOTE: not implemented for JDO


List of additional schemas to be auto-created.

Explicitly creates given list of schemas by using the specified #getCreateSchemaSqlTemplate() to generate the actual SQL statement against the configured data-source.

This configuration mechanism does not consider any schema-auto-creation configuration (if any), that independently is provided the standard JPA way.


Vendor specific SQL syntax to create a DB schema.

This template is passed through schemaName) to make the actual SQL statement thats to be used against the configured data-source.

Default template is \{@literal CREATE SCHEMA IF NOT EXISTS %S} with the schema name converted to upper-case.

For MYSQL/MARIADB use escape like \{@code %S}