Demo App

The Demo app provides an introduction to the Apache Isis programming model, allowing you to learn the basics with a minimum of hassle. It’s also a useful reference to help you develop your own Apache Isis applications.

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The application is packaged up as a Docker image (apacheisis/demo-wicket-jdo or apacheisis/demo-wicket-jpa) on Docker Hub, so you can easily run it yourself (as described below). You can see also try out the application online, jdo or jpa.


Head over to Docker to install the community edition.

Running the Docker Image

Assuming the jdo variant (if using jpa, just substitute "jdo" with "jpa" in the commands below):

  • Pull the Demo image

    docker pull apacheisis/demo-wicket-jdo:latest
  • Running the Docker Image

    docker pull apacheisis/demo-wicket-jdo:latest
    docker run -d -p8080:8080 apacheisis/demo-wicket-jdo:latest

    The Demo app can then be accessed at http://localhost:8080/wicket/. Login with sven:pass.

  • Stop and remove the container named demo

    docker stop demo && docker rm demo


The way in which the app is run by Docker be customised in a couple of ways. Assuming the jdo variant (if using jpa, just substitute "jdo" with "jpa" in the commands below):

  • Prototyping mode

    docker run -d -p8080:8080 -ePROTOTYPING=true apacheisis/demo-wicket-jdo:latest
  • Attached console

    docker run -it -p8080:8080 apacheisis/demo-wicket-jdo:latest

    Use CTRL-C to stop and detach

    on Windows, you might need to prefix with winpty.
  • Specify a different context Path

    docker run -d -p8080:8080 -eContextPath=/myPath apacheisis/demo-wicket-jdo:latest


If you like to get involved quickly, please feel free to open new pull requests (at github) or just join the discussion and provide feedback.

If you are interested in contributing to Apache Isis, see the Contributors' Guide for details.