Webapp Aggregator POM

The isis-mavendeps-webapp aggregates the main runtime dependencies of a production webapp. Note that it does not include the runtime dependencies for either JDO or JPA; these must be included separately.

To use, add the following :


For convenience, it includes all of the current components available:

If you don’t need any of these, then use a Maven <exclusion>.

In addition, you will probably need to specify a persistence implementation (JPA/Eclipselink or JDO/DataNucleus) as well as a security implementation.

Also, remember that adding the class onto the classpath does not make that functionality available (Apache Isis does not currently leverage Spring Boot’s auto configuration capabilities). You must therefore also add in the appropriate IsisModuleXxx to your application’s top-level @Configuration (aka "app manifest"). For example, see the AppManifest for the SimpleApp starter app.