Post Release (Unsuccessful)

The release process consists of:

  • the release manager cutting the release

  • members of the Apache Isis PMC verifying and voting on the release

  • the release manager performing post-release tasks, for either a successful or an unsuccessful vote (latter documented below).

If the vote did not succeed (did not achieve +3 votes after 72 hours and/or is unlikely to do so), then the vote should be closed and the following steps performed.

Note that a release manager may also decide to cancel a vote before 72 hours has elapsed (for example if an error is quickly discovered).

Inform dev ML

Post the results to the dev@isis.a.o mailing list.

For example, use the following subject for a vote on Apache Isis Core:

[RESULT] [VOTE] Apache Isis Core release {page-isisrel}

using the body (alter last line as appropriate):

The vote has completed with the following result :

  +1 (binding): _list of names_
  +1 (non binding): _list of names_

  -1 (binding): _list of names_
  -1 (non binding): _list of names_


Tidy up branches and tags

Branches and tags need to be removed for three repos:

  • Working in the release worktree, tidy up remote branches in the git repo:

    git push --delete origin release-{page-isisrel}-RC1     (1)
    git push --delete origin isis-{page-isisrel}-RC1        (2)
    git tag -d isis-{page-isisrel}                          (3)
    git tag -d isis-{page-isisrel}-RC1
    1 deletes the remote branch (update RCn as necessary)
    2 deletes the remote origin server’s tag (update RCn as necessary)
    3 delete the tags that were created locally (update RCn as necessary)
  • For helloworld starter app, similarly:

    git push --delete origin release-{page-isisrel}-RC1     (1)
  • For simpleapp starter app, similarly:

    git push --delete origin release-{page-isisrel}-RC1     (1)

Tidy up the Nexus repo

Drop staging repositories:

  • drop the staging repository in Nexus


Finally, rewind the release branch to prior to the previous release candidate, and continue from there.