Appendix: PMC

Every ASF project has a Project Management Committee, or PMC. This committee is ultimately responsible for the long-term management of the framework. More information about PMCs can be found here

In Apache Isis, every committer is a member of the PMC.

This page contains some general notes on maintenance activities required by PMC members.


To complete the procedures documented here, you’ll need ssh access to For example:


When prompted, provide passphrase for private key.

To set up ssh in the first place, take a look at this section in the ASF new committers' guide looks relevant.

New Committer/PMC member

Currently we don’t distinguish between committers and PMC members: every committer is automatically invited to also be a member of the PMC.

Further notes on the steps for new PMC members can be found here.

Start a vote thread on private@

First, send a [VOTE] email to, making the case for the new committer to join.

For example:

[VOTE] Joe Bloggs as a committer and PMC Member                                         (1)
1 update as required

with body:

I'd like to nominate Joe Bloggs as a committer and also a PMC member for Apache Isis.   (1)

Joe this ...                                                                            (1)

Joe that ...                                                                            (1)

Overall, I think Joe would be a great addition to Isis' committers and PMC; ...

Voting ends in one week's time, i.e. midnight UTC on YYYY-MM-DD                         (1)
1 update as required

By convention, we run these votes for 7 days (a minimum of 3 days is required by ASF).

Close the vote, announce results

After the 7 days has expired, close the vote thread.

I'm now closing this vote.  Result will be posted on a new thread.

In a separate thread, announce the results. For example:

[RESULT] [VOTE] Joe Bloggs as a committer and PMC Member                                (1)
1 update as required

with body:

The vote has now closed. The results are:

+3 (PMC)                                                                                (1)

consisting of:
* Mary (PMC)                                                                            (1)
* Mungo (PMC)
* Midge (PMC)

There were no other votes cast.

The vote is ***successful***

I'll announce to users@ and dev@ by separate thread.
1 update as required

ICLA, obtain new account

If required (that is, if the committer is not already a committer for a different ASF project), then ask them to complete an ICLA. As a result of this, they should also get an user name.

More info can be found in the ASF new committers guide.

Update the isis unix group

All committers must be added to the isis UNIX group. This will give them commit access to the Apache Isis git repo.

To do this, log onto, then eg: isis

and isis --add joebloggs                                               (1)
1 update as required

Update the LDAP committee (if a PMC member)

(Assuming that the new committer is a PMC member), also add them as to the PMC committee. This takes two steps:

  • first, log onto and update LDAP committee: isis

    and isis --add joebloggs                                                (1)
    1 update as required
  • second, update committee-info.txt

    This is held in SVN, under; the file resides at committers/board/committee-info.txt

The new committer does not officially become a member of the PMC until the ASF records have been updated.

Notify the ASF board and private mailing list

Send a [NOTICE] email to and also to

For example:

[NOTICE] Joe Bloggs to join Apache Isis as committer and member of the PMC              (1)
1 update as required

with body:

The Apache Isis PMC has voted Joe Bloggs as a committer and also member of the PMC.     (1)

Voting thread:                    (1)

Results announcement:                    (1)

The committee-info.txt file has been updated, as have the LDAP groups (,
1 update as required

update the private threads above

Update project metadata

Update the STATUS file (in the root directory of the Apache Isis git repo) with the new committer details.

Announce to the world

Send an [ANNOUNCE] email TO and to

For example:

[ANNOUNCE] New committer - Joe Bloggs                                                   (1)
1 update as required

with body:

I'm delighted to announce that Joe Bloggs has been voted in as a committer on Isis, and also as a member of the Isis PMC.  The first gives Joe the right to commit changes directly to Isis' codebase, the second gives him the right to be involved in future votes.

Joe this ...                                                                            (1)

Joe that ...

I'm looking forward to working with Joe in the future; another great addition to Isis' committers.  So please join me in welcoming him to our happy band!

Dan Haywood
Apache Isis PMC Chair
1 update as required

Also, write a similar blog post at

Removing a committer

these notes are only draft, will need fleshing out.

  • remove from isis UNIX group: isis --remove joebloggs
  • remove from isis committee: isis --add joebloggs isis --remove joebloggs
  • remove from committee-info.txt

  • send a [NOTICE] email to board@ and private@